Soft Certification accredited

SOFT Certification has just been accredited according to NS-EN ISO 17024 “General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons”. NS-EN ISO 17024 is one of several accreditation standards in the 17000 family. This accreditation is used for laboratories, certification bodies, inspection agencies, etc.

The Norwegian Accreditation website states the following about accreditation: “Accreditation is the official recognition of an organization’s competence and ability to perform specific tasks in accordance with specified requirements.” This implies that the authorities recognize our certification scheme.

Click the link for information about our accreditation:

The accreditation is based on our certification scheme for NS 9600 Rope access techniques - Part 1: Classification and certification of personnel.

The accreditation process has been demanding and instructive for SOFT Certification. Among other things, we have been evaluated on:

  • Resources
  • Impartiality
  • Systems
  • Document control
  • The certification scheme
  • Examination procedures

In the future, personnel who achieve our certification will receive an accreditation stamp on their certificate. We are among the first in the world in our industry who have achieved this accreditation.

However, this does not mean that we can just rest on our laurels! No, being accredited brings with it certain commitments. To maintain our accreditation as a certification body, we must continuously and systematically assess improvements through corrective actions or preventive measures.

What does this mean for our examination candidates in the future?

The examination will not be more difficult. However, since the assessor will not be doing anything other than registering knowledge and proficiency, complete objectivity is an absolute requirement. This means that the assessor will not do anything other than assign clearly defined tasks. This may make it seem stricter, but the competency requirements for candidates are the same as before.