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Falce courseproviders

FISAT and IRATA are receiving many enquiries about the validity of unofficial websites and Uniform Resource Locators (URL) that are offering rope access training, or pointing to websites that offer unofficial rope access training. In many cases, this is resulting in training candidates being misled into paying large sums of money for training that is not recognised by IRATA or FISAT.

We are not familiar of that this also applies to Soft Sertifisering, but we wish to help safeguard against these attempts to mislead candidates, together with the other leading European based rope access training providers. So we have combined forces to inform candidates seeking rope access training to be aware of the information provided on these unofficial platforms. 
If you are seeking official FISAT, IRATA, Anetva or Soft Sertifisering rope access training, only use the following websites to verify that the organisation offering you rope access training, is an official training provider:



If you locate any domains or organisations that are offering unofficial ANETVA, IRATA, SOFT Sertifisering or FISAT rope access training, please report this to the appropriate organisation.
Thank you for your co-operation.
ANETVA, IRATA, SOFT and FISAT working together for the benefit of the rope access community

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Safety report 2017

SOFT safety reports focus on near misses, incidents and accidents that have occurred within a given period.

We have decided to extend this document to also comment on other trends in Rope Access. A few of our members have been asking for more statistics covering other areas in the trade.

These reports are intended to be publicly available and contributing to learning, with the aim of keeping individual operators as safe as possible in their daily work. However, the information contained in our safety reports will also be useful for other HSE personnel. Also, we will try to describe trends to better understand underlying causes.

The material is taken from incidents reported in CertaSoft and other reports received during the year. 

Read the full report here: Safety report 2017

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CertaSoft APP

SOFT and SSE has developed a CertaSoft APP customized for phone and tablet. The intention is that it should be easier for RAT personnel to check rat-hours and assistant period. Now you will always have your certificate available as long as you have your mobile phone in your pocket. This is the first phase and we are looking at the possibility of extending functionalities. Feel free to give feedback. Criticism and praise!

This is a web app and requires no installation. Click the link below and sign in with the same ID/username and password that you already have:


How to make bookmark/shortcut on your phone:
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DMM Product Recall

Equipment manufacturer DMM alerts immediate withdrawal of carabiners they have produced because of a dysfunction in the gate of the carabiner.

For further information concerning carabiners that must be controlled, open or download the following document DMM Product Recall


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Soft Certification accredited

SOFT Certification has just been accredited according to NS-EN ISO 17024 “General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons”. NS-EN ISO 17024 is one of several accreditation standards in the 17000 family. This accreditation is used for laboratories, certification bodies, inspection agencies, etc.

The Norwegian Accreditation website states the following about accreditation: “Accreditation is the official recognition of an organization’s competence and ability to perform specific tasks in accordance with specified requirements.” This implies that the authorities recognize our certification scheme.

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